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Our company mission is to work with our clients as a team, thoroughly understanding their needs and business. Our strength is to offer solutions and represent their interests.

We are dedicated to interactively market customer's goods and services, using integrated direct marketing techniques, becoming leaders in the market at the most competitive cost/benefit ratios.

"We succeed through our customer's consumption success".


We Are


Headquartered in Texas USA, with Prepaid Calling Card distribution offices in Dallas TX, Miami FL, Orlando FL, Ft. Walton FL, Tulsa OK, Las Vegas NV and Salt Lake City UT.

HC Phone Service, LLC is one of the country' s leading distributors in US for Prepaid Calling Cards and always very interested in serving and tapping the U.S. Hispanic Market. And for over 16 years, HC Phone Service, LLC has been leading the market with the best Trusted and Quality Prepaid Calling Cards in USA.

For the past 16 years we have been providing the U.S. Hispanic Market with more than any other company. Looking close at the Hispanic market, it has a population of over 36 million and a growing rate of nearly 2.5 million per year. In the next 15 years this market alone will represent almost 60 million people. We have introduced many of them to the goods and services they want and need. This Market represents a purchasing power of over $800 billion dollars.


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